Soft Plastics for Bluegill

Soft plastics are the most versatile baits available for catching bluegill. They come in an endless array of sizes, styles and colors. Some even come with various scents impregnated right into the bait or are formed from special material that contains attractants. This is a very versatile artificial lure to use and can fit into many situations. And unlike live bait, soft plastic baits stay fresh and ready to use at a moments notice.

Early plastics were a stiff and very un-lifelike material with only a few body styles from which to choose. Over the years, technology has evolved allowing manufacturers to produce very specific shapes and actions in a multitude of colors. Whatever shape of bluegill forage you want to present, there is a plastic for that.

Soft Plastics Oprtions for Bluegill

Small twister or ribbon tail baits are general body types that can mimic many different food sources that bluegills prefer. Micro stick baits are great for inactive fish that are more in the mood for a slow moving easy to get meal. Tubes have long been the go to bait for anglers of many species. Fish that will bite onto a tube rig include walleye, bass, crappie and on and on. It looks like nothing and everything all at the same time fooling the bluegill into thinking it is any one of a variety of prey items they normally pursue. Creature baits are more specific body shapes that are designed to appear exactly like the prey item you wish to present.

Soft plastics are an amazing lure choice that you can tailor to your style of fishing. Master a few bait selections to keep your tackle box light and keep your options simple or branch out and use dozens of body styles, sizes and colors to fit every condition. Plastics are a relatively cheap option to build your tackle selections that keep fresh, usable and ready to go at anytime.

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