New Bluegill Tackle for 2012

Spring is coming back around and the ice is thawing on the lakes and ponds that hold our favorite quarry, BLUEGILLS. If you are like me, you have had spring fever since about New Year's Eve. What better way to feed the fever but to review some of the new tackle that we will be using in the upcoming fishing season.

Crappie Thumper First up is Big Bite Baits Crappie Thumper. Ya gotta love the name and the design is classic as well. At 2 inches long the paddle tail design with the ridges running across the length of the body will give this lure a unique action that should be very enticing to big bull bluegill. The pattern pictured is called the Electric Chicken.

Northland is introducing the IMPULSE Mayfly. Part of their IMPULSE Panfish Bait line that has their patented IMPULSE attractant infused into the soft plastic. One inch long and resembling a larval mayfly with very active legs to give it plenty of action to entice any bluegill in the area. While it is designed with one specific prey item in mind, I believe that this bait is one solid creature bait that will trigger a bite almost year round. IMPULSE Mayfly

Whatsit Jig The Lindy Whatsit jig is another creature bait that will get a big bluegill's attention. It ranges from 1 3/4 inch to 2 inches with a more solid body than the IMPULSE Mayfly. Although it has less action on its own, it presents a much more meaty meal for the bluegill to consider. This is a true creature bait which resembles nothing yet could pass as a crawfish, hellgrammite, grub, minnow or any number of prey items depending on the action you impart.

The Crappie Comet manufactured by Contraband Baits is a more simple design with a fat body and whip like tail. The overall length is 2 inches with an appropriately sized hook and jig head it is another general design that resembles several prey items of a bluegill. I have used similar designs in the past with great success. This particular lure has a fatter body portion than what I have seen before which I think will give it the edge in gaining the attention of cruising bluegill. Crappie Comet

Ultralight Minnow Last but not least we have the Rapala Ultralight Minnow lure line. A 1/8 ounce lure in either 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 inch body length it has a running depth of 2-3 feet which makes it great for streams, small ponds and shallow areas where we often find our bluegills. With very lifelike finish details it is spot on for a live minnow. This crank bait will let us cover water quickly by fan casting or trolling to locate the best bluegill in the pond.

It appears that we have some fun new lure out there to try out. I can't wait to get on the water and hook into a monster bluegill using one of these new toys. Best of luck on your favorite pond.

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