Drop Shot for Bluegill

Drop shot rigs have been used years by anglers seeking a variety of fish species. I have found it to be a very useful technique for bluegill fishing, especially when they retreat to the depths in the summer and winter months. It allows for maximal control for a presentation that is typically slower moving or completely still.

The classic drop shot rig is a hook or jig tied onto the line with a Palmor knot that has a long tag end remaining. A video of the Palmor knot can be found at the bottom of the page should you need a refresher or have never used this knot before. A weight is then attached to this tag end at the depth past the bait that you wish it to suspend from the bottom. Let the line down until you feel the weight encounter the bottom. Keep the lure there or impart action by jigging or swimming it around that location.

The bait or lure used with this presentation is almost endless. Simple hooks with soft plastic bodies, hand ties flies, live baits, something from the Gulp Alive line, and so on. Change the lure offering, color and presentation until you dial in the bite and start loading your bucket with bluegill the size of your head. But pay close attention to your line as bluegill will sometimes strike while moving up which is only indicated by a slack line.

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