Crankbaits for Bluegill

When people typically think of using crankbaits they generally assume that bass walleye and pike will be the target species. I am here to tell you that crank baits are very effective for bluegill fishing and they should be in your tackle box. Using crankbaits for bluegill allows you to cover water quicker to locate the quarry and generally select out for the bigger bluegill in that population as they are more apt to bite this offering more than another smaller bluegill.

Yo Zuri Snap Bean There are many small sized options for you to choose from in this category. My favorites are the lures designed from the onset to be a small lure. One such is the Yo Zuri Snap Bean. It has great action with a wobble similar to a Wiggle Wart. The chrome finish flashes as the body rolls back and forth during the retrieve exposing the sides to the sun which drives the bluegill crazy. It is a consistent producer for me out on the water when the bluegills are aggressive and ready to feed.

Rat-L-Trap Tiny Trap Many lures have been downsized from the original to make them a more appealing offering to fish such as crappie and bluegill. They can be effective but do not automatically expect them to have the exact action of their parent lure. The action of a lure is caused by how the water passes over the lure as it is pulled through the water column. Reducing the body length of a lure reduces the surface area the water has to push against and can therefore alter the action imparted. Some lures have their action change more than others while some change to be more productive for bluegill.

Rapala Mini Fat Rap More and more baits are being produced in this category and they are getting better with every season. They can liven up you bluegill experience and put you into the large gills. There are tiny creature baits such as the Teeny Wee Frog and Rebel Wee Crawfish, banana baits such as the Luhr Jensen K-3 Kwickfish, fat baits like the Rapala Mini-Fat Rap, Bomber 3F Fat A and lipless cranks such as the Rat-L Tiny Trap. All of these are good baits and should be considered for your situation. Pick up one, learn how to use it to its fullest ability and have fun.

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