Braid Line for Bluegill

Alright, some of you have been grumbling online about my ambivalent opinion about the use of braid line for bluegill. So in 2011 I gave it the Pepsi challenge. I spooled braid fishing line onto all of my rods to give it a complete test in all conditions throughout the year. It was fished jigging, cranking, trolling and any other method required for that day and the conditions found. I used it with a mono leader, a poly leader and no leader.

What I found after hours of fishing is that my opinion has not changed. Sure this line has good qualities. It has less memory making casting easier and reducing line twist. Sensitivity is a bit better but most of the time we are fishing for bluegill in the shallows and at relatively short distances which negates much of this benefit. Bluegill are a sun fish that do not like to go to the 30 foot depths where crappie and walleye anglers get the most benefit out of the sensitivity of this line. Sure cutting the line is a bit harder but keeping a pair of sharper scissors on hand takes care of that issue. BUT when this line does twist or tangle, undoing the mess is a much bigger problem than with mono or poly. Plus stripping off yards of this line is much more expensive than clearing out a mono bird's nest that can be replaced much cheaper.

Line is a very personal part of fishing. You need to have confidence in what you use and feel that it gives you as much information about what is happening at the hook end as possible. I am not saying not to use this line because it may fit your style or give you confidence while out on the water. I personally prefer other line choices but I also keep testing all lines to see if they give me any benefit to using them. As I write this, an order of Nanofil line from Berkley is coming my way. I will strip off the braid and replace it with this relatively new line to test it out. I am hearing more and more positive experiences with this line and want to see what it can do for me. I will give it the full battery of tests and let you know how it turns out.

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