New Bluegill Tackle for 2010

Who else doesn't like getting the brand new version or toy of the day? Well, me too! There are all sorts of new bait and tackle coming out in 2010 for fishing for bluegills. This is an overview of some of the items that have excited me the most to try out as soon as the world thaws out, if it ever will.

Berkley Gulp Alive Microbaits Let's start with the new Berkley Gulp Alive micro baits. I am a BIG fan of the Powerbait and Gulp line of baits and am excited to see this line of small baits in the newer Alive line. I have been a big user of the smaller baits in the Gulp and Powerbait lines., but the micro being in the newer Alive line opens a whole new door. I feel that the scent saturated in the bait draws in more fish and keeps them interested longer. Or in times when the fish are picky, gets them fired up to bite. I have not used the Alive product yet given the larger size of the baits offered previously and the fact that there is a large jar involved to store and trip over in my boat. But I have had wonderful success with Powerbait and Gulp and expect nothing but that and more from the Alive line. The micro baits are contained in a jar no bigger than my Crappie Nibblets which fits nicely in a side pocket of my tackle bag. There are several shapes and sizes in the micro line, some of which are pictured above. Good sizes, good scents and good action leads to more fish. Priced at $5.99 per jar it is a great deal.

Lunker City Lunker City has two contenders to discuss. The 2.5 inch Fin-S-Fish and the 1.75 inch Fin-S-Shad are two great additions to the tackle bag. The two different body styles offer different profiles in the water and action as they are retrieved. These remind me of soft jerk baits that I have used for bass. Sinking a smaller hook into this with no weight will keep these baits hanging in the strike zone for a longer time to trigger the bite or go with a classic jig to swim and jig it through the strike zone. They come in 20 packs for $3.39.

Panfish Assassin Next up is the Bass Assassin swim bait Panfish Assassin. This 2 inch swim bait is great to troll or swim in around the weed beds to draw out that bull gill. Be wary though as I can see this little monster bring in about any fish in the lake. Crappie, bass and maybe even a occasional walleye may just grab this as it passes. You may find yourself in quite a fight should you have this on light tackle. They come in 10 packs priced at $3.75.

Storm Lures Strom Lures has a minnow imitator jig kits available in a 1 ½” size. With a great ribbon tail to give it plenty of action bigger gills are sure to take notice. Swim it steady, jig it erratically or hold it still for a longer time in the strike zone. $4.99 for a kit of jig heads and lures.

Powerbait 2 Berkley has made the list again with the new 2 inch Powerbait ribbon tail grub. This little guy is a great all around bait that is extremely versatile. With the scent impregnated plastic to give you the edge, it can be fish fast or slow to imitate a wide variety of prey. A 20 pack retails for $3.99.

Lastly I would like to discuss an item for which I initially had great interest but am now wondering how useful it will ultimately be in my tackle bag. Berkley’s new monofilament, Trilene Transoptic. This new line is touted for its ability to be a super high visible line above the water for monitoring the line’s movements visually and yet clear below the surface of the water to be low visibility to the wary fish. I primarily fish mono, so I initially was very excited that the manufacturers were doing something new and different in this product line. However, upon further investigation I have discovered some questionable information. Firstly this particular line is sold in 220 yard spool versus the 330 spools of regular Trilene mono. Secondly the price is up to $8.99 from the usual $5.99. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that a technological advance will lead to higher prices, but the combination of 33.25% less line with a 50% increase in price equates to a 100% increase in price per yard. I was still ready to pull the trigger on this when I found that two major local retailers have placed the line in the clearance aisle. They could not answer me as to why which leads me to speculate. I amsume, with no facts yet to back this opinion, that either the price point is too high to be a viable product offering or there is a production problem of some kind. Either way I think this guy will wait.

Well there are some of the new products of 2010. If you are like me, your money is just screaming to be spent on some new fishing tackle. What the heck, bluegill tackle is relatively cheap so splurge and enjoy. Go have some fun on a fishing shopping spree and I will see you on the water this spring.

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