Bluegill Fly: Bully's Spider

The Bully Spider is one of the great flies for bluegill fishing. This little guy is simple to tie and has great action. You can bring it in slowly with a pinch and twist technique for a slow tantalizing offering, or rip it along by stripping line in varying lengths with pauses in between. When pulled towards you, the legs collapse around the body and then spring out when paused. Because of the way it is weighted, a paused fly will actually fall down and back. It is a great erratic movement and if a fish is following it will be going right back to it for an easy meal. I have caught many fish with this little guy and recommend it to anyone whether they are new to fly fishing or want to give it a try. Being a wet fly, it is easy to cast and very durable.

I have found this great video that gives a step by step process on how to make this fly. Tie a few and test them out, than make it your own. My body style and length of legs are a little different than the video details. I prefer very long legs with very thin diameter to give them as much action as possible. I tie the lead wire on by wrapping the shank with thread, then running a strand of the wire down the backbone of the shank and make a few wraps of the lead wire far back towards the bend of the hook. Now I wrap the thread around the wire from front to back, tie in the chenille, and wrap back forward and leave the thread for later steps. With thread under and around the wire, it is very secure and will not slip. It also gives you freedom to create the body you want with the chenille instead of having to have the fat body style like in the video. I also prefer bright body colors like white and chartreuse. In the waters I fish, visibility is better than a natural appearance. Your waters and fish may be more finicky. After you have a couple in each color, pay close attention to which color and retrieve works best under different conditions for best results.

I learned this fly, and much more, by reading Terry and Roxanne Wilson's book "Bluegill... Fly Fishing & Flies". This is a really good book focused on fly fishing bluegills with great all around information on where to find them and how to catch them. I have read it a few times and keep it around as a reference to remind me of the basics should I have any frustrations in my fishing trips.

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