My name is Ryan and I am a lifelong multi-specie fisherman. I have fished for most freshwater fish in the US and Canada with a few saltwater species from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean thrown in for good measure. While I enjoy all of these various species and the experience of angling for them, I inevitably return to the type of fishing I personally enjoy the most which is bluegill fishing.

This love of bluegill fishing and the ponds in which many of these fish live inspired me to both write "Secrets to Catching More and Bigger Bluegill" AND launch Efficient Pond Management. It is a company focused on helping anyone with a pond to manage that body of water so they are able to fully enjoy their resource. Whether that has to do with pond weed removal, pond aeration, dredging, mapping your pond or consulting to help collect data and understand your pond to manage it to its maximal potential.

I hope you enjoy the articles posted on this site and it makes your bluegill fishing experience better.

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Secrets to Catching More and Bigger Bluegill

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